STREFF 'Darfur' album FREE mp3 download

The new STREFF web-site is online and new album 'Darfur' is avalable as a FREE mp3 download. This album is released under Creative Commons license.

If you would like to help the cause - distribute this link or the music to you friends and people who may like it, play it yourself and for others, embed it (via Share button) to your blog, myspace, facebook or what have you; take the picture in this post (click on it to enlarge) and send it to somebody you know... And don't forget to do something to help DARFUR and SAVE LIVES (donate, educate, propose your ideas)!




ROADKING: Are We Deaf? (Roadking Remix)

ÜNN, roadking, costa sonido & the atmosphere experience are the solo projects of frank rückert. he is a music & video producer and also performs live as a VJ in clubs and at festivals.

"...ÜNN stems from the name of my studio, which is called '184.8 ÜNN', as when i'm working on music and visuals in my studio my brain is exactly 184.8 metres above mean sea level..."


Vi11AiN: Are We Deaf? (Vi11AiN Remix)
Digitally manipulated rhythms with heavy bass and industrial overtones. Distortion and noise glitches mixed over dynamic sound beds. Vi11AiN is also a project that focus' on playing live.

David E. Flick has been doing electronic music for 15 years and has toured the United States, and is a member of with various bands spanning from Industrial Rock (VooDou), IDM (Asymptote), Experimental (The Dream Surgeons) to Ambient Dubstep(Spectral Others).

Vi11AiN has also collaborated/remixed such notable artist such as Dead Voices on Air, PigFace, and Android Lust.


StarBurnX: Are We Deaf? (StarBurnX Remix)
Esther Venrooy (1974, Rosmalen, Nederland) is als componist en geluidskunstenaar werkzaam binnen de elektronische muziek.

Haar oeuvre omvat zowel gecomponeerde zuivere elektronische stukken als ge‹mproviseerde combinaties met traditionale instrumenten zoals piano, fluit en satsuma-biwa. Ze creëerde site-specific composities, installaties en multimediale performances. Het gros van haar werk werd uitgegeven op CD of vinyl en werd positief onthaald door critici in binnen- en buitenland.

Venrooy voerde haar werken uit op podia en festivals in steden als Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Brussel, Berlijn, Madrid, Hamburg, Washington DC, Dusseldorf, Keulen, New York en Beijing.

Naast haar artistieke activiteiten doceert Esther Venrooy esthetica van de 20ste eeuwse muziek en experimentele kunst aan de Sint Lucas hogeschool te Gent.


Wayne Duffy: Cover art and logo design
Wayne Dufft is a practicing artist and graphic designer currently completing his BA in Graphic Design at Sage University, Albany NY. A former Psych major and social worker, he is fascinated by the connection between psychology and the visual arts.

His work is inspired by the Surrealists, particularly Rene Magritte and Max Ernst.


PHOSES: Video clip 'Are We Deaf?' (editing / post-production)
PHOSES is Andrei Zhulin and Maxim Bogdanovich.
The project formed in 2007 in Belarus (ex-USSR) and it's currently located there.

Primary activity is independent video production and film-making.
Secondary - mixing music and arranging conceptual digital parties.

Main features of the project: freedom of speech, humanity, sharp angles of reality, nonconformism.

Andrei is a director, screenwriter, video editor, dj and coordinator of the project.
Maxim is a cameraman, graphic designer, video editor, photographer and dj.
Besides, he is a "gear guy" - plenty of his handmade equipment is used in PHOSES production.