List of NGOs Active on the Darfur crisis

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Action Agains Hunger
Relief efforts focused on food security and nutrition in eastern Chad.

Supporting farmers’ groups in Chad and planning support for Sudanese refugees in Gozbebe.

American Jewish World Service
Raising funds to rehabilitate water sources, construct sanitation facilities and promote health and hygiene campaigns.

Care International
Scaling up current relief efforts focused on hygiene and sanitation to include food distribution and emergency and reproductive health. Providing food, water, sanitation and health assistance to internally displaced people throughout Darfur and in three camps in Chad.
Has launched a $485,500 appeal for aid and continues assisting Sudanese refugees in Chad. Also focusing on rehabiliting basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

Catholic Relief Services
Helping manage refugee camps in Farchana and Kounoungo. Also heading a transit centre at Touloum for refugees transferred from volatile border region.

Church World Service
Raising relief funds and leading emergency management training with partners in Sudan and providing health care in camps around Khartoum.

International Committee of the Red Cross
Providing medical help and clean water and sanitation in one of its biggest operations in the world.

International Medical Corps
Focusing on water and sanitation, primary health-care needs, children and services for women and children vulnerable to sexual violence in Darfur and eastern Chad.

Medecins Sans Frontieres
Providing medical, food and water and sanitation assistance to almost 250,000 displaced people. Vaccinating children against measles.

Oxfam International
Providing latrines and clean water and promoting hygiene in El Fashir and Kebkayia in North Darfur. Planning similar work in South Dafur. Working with local partner to provide facilities to refugee camps in Chad.

Refugees International
Surveying extent of displacement in Sudan and Chad.

Save the children
Distributing plastic sheeting for shelter, jerry cans and blankets, as well as food for more than 100,000 IDPs.